QC655x-MR Long Range 2D Barcode scanner


    QC6551-MR , QC6552-MR

    • Faster motion speed scanning performance
    • Laser cross precision aiming line
    • Unique PickList scanning mode
    • Zebra PRAM Smart Imaging Technology
    • Expands the working range even further to more than 20 feet / 6 m.

    • Tough ABS/PC Composi sing. 
    • IP rating is IP43. 
    • 1.8M drop test resistance. 
    • Gun Shaped design to deliver comfort and precision. 
    • The life of trigger is 5 million times. 
    • 1.22 million (1280 x 960) sensor resolution


QC65 Series 2D Barcode Scanner

Application Ability QC655x series products, using 1.2 megapixel-level (1280 x 960) optical sensor, combined with PRZM intelligent imaging technology, allocate decoding action to scan engine and decoding chip to operate synchronously, thereby shortening data processing time and speeding up data collection, according to different application scenarios And a variety of different levels of scanning cores, can provide excellent long-distance (6M) or short-distance (4.3cm) reading, wide-angle or narrow-angle field of view, with extraordinary motion tolerance and intelligent compensation for decoding bad barcodes Excellent performance, unique The PickList function enables you to accurately read the actual barcode among many dense barcodes. The automatic decoding ability can work in low light, and the reading task can be easily completed in the environment of poor light. 



Advanced document capture

Zebra’s integrated Intelligent Document Capture technology makes it easy to capture documents that are highly legible— and searchable. With the single press of a button, this intelligent software determines when conditions are ideal to capture the highest quality image, taking the guesswork away from users. Once the image is captured, it is automatically analyzed and up to eight functions are performed as needed. In a fraction of a second, without any user intervention, shadows and noise are removed, and images are de-skewed, rotated, brightened, sharpened and cropped


Extraordinary performance

SE4750 MR Expands the working range even further to more than 20 feet / 6 m. 


Exceptional motion tolerance

Delivers extraordinary scanning speed on all bar codes, increasing throughput and productivity in virtually any application.


Barcode Reading Advantages 

Omnidirectional scanning capability for unparalleled ease of use,  Cross laser aimers, read distance options (close, medium range), micro barcode (4 x 4 mm) , high density barcode 3 mil), document and image reading. 



Convenient system setting and version update capability 

Through the online setting program, you can update and upgrade the latest soft- ware version of QC655x at any time, so that your device is always in the latest version. You can also use this program to quickly and easily complete the setting requirements of various applications to meet your application process. set up!


Application Environment:

  • Transportation industry
  • Manufacturing
  • Field Mobility
  • Medical institution
  • Retail
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