QC6556 ESD Bluetooth Barcode Scanner

  • ESD electrostatic protection discharge standard
  • Permanent injection molded ESD protection material
  • Permanent injection molded connection cables
  • BLE Power Saving Bluetooth Chip
  • Long working time and standby time
  • Long-distance Bluetooth transmission distance (100M, open environment)
  • Faster motion speed scanning performance
  • Dot Laser precision aiming line
  • Unique PickList scanning mode
  • Zebra PRAM Smart Imaging Technology
  • Can capture DPM codes regardless of size, surface, contrast, or density — including the most challenging mark, dot peen, as well as laser etch, ink mark, chemical etch, inkjet mold, cast, and thermal spray 

  • Injection molding of mixed ESD plastic masterbatch

  • IP rating is IP43. 
  • 1.6M drop test resistance. 
  • Gun Shaped design to deliver comfort and precision. 
  • The life of trigger is 5 million times. 
  • 1.22 million (1280 x 960) sensor resolution


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