QC652x-HPE ESD Laser Barcode Scanner


    QC6521-HPE, QC6522-HPE

    • ESD electrostatic protection discharge standard
    • Permanent injection molded ESD protection material
    • Permanent injection molded connection cables
    • Injection molding of mixed ESD plastic masterbatc

    • Best-In-Class 1D Scanning Performance And Scanning Range
    • Increase The Productivity Of Customers' Workforce
    • Built-In Remote System Performance Monitoring
    • Adaptive Scanning
    • Patented Liquid Polymer Scan Element With Lifetime Warranty
    • Programmable Scan Angle
    • Bright Scan Line And Enhanced Aim Mode
    • Large Working Range From Near Contact to 17 ft./5.1 m



QC65 ESD Series 1D Laser Barcode Scanner

Important Efficacy of ESD Equipment

Electrostatic discharge protection (ESD) equipment is an indispensable and important equipment in the electronic product manufacturing industry. Since static electricity has a huge impact on the quality, yield and safety of electronic components in the production process, the use of ESD equipment for electronic component manufacturers can effectively reduce static threat,

Minimize the potential hazards of static electricity in the production process to reduce industrial safety accidents and production losses.


ESD electrostatic discharge protection standard body

QC652x ESD series, the whole series adopts Japanese ESD material masterbatch mixed with high-strength plastic raw materials (PC with ABS), and the shell injection technology of one-piece injection molding ensures the ESD conductive discharge standard (10^7~10^9 ), and also ensures The strong performance of the product, the protection of ESD can be called permanent protection.

Compared with other products on the market, it is made of general plastic, and then sprayed with electrostatic conductive paint on the outside. With the user's contact and use, only sprayed with electrostatic protective paint, the ESD protection is only guaranteed for 1-2 years.


Connection cable

The QC652x ESD series is used to connect the equipment end wire, also uses ESD masterbatch mixed with flexible plastic, one-piece injection molding wire sheath, built-in conductive circuit, effectively export the static electricity accumulated in the scanner gun, instead of other ESD products using general plastic wire outside Spray conductive paint to use as connecting cable.


Reliable stability and convenience 

QC652x series 1D laser scanners provide solid and powerful efficiency, from retail to logistics express, semiconductor electronics industry. The unique grip design of the QC652x scanner is fully in line with ergonomic considerations and provides users with comfort for long-term use. And up to 1.8 meters (QC6521/22) certified drop test, more complete to provide users with reliable usability 


Easy to upgrade 

Built-In Remote System Performance Monitoring Provides remote access to scanner statistics for easy remote management. 


Unparalleled Durability 

The QC652x-HPE internal laser scanning module features a patented liquid polymer frictionless scan engine that will never wear out, while a patented die-cast chassis also delivers the industry's best reliability ratings - even in shocks up to 2,000G can also operate reliably. Designed for durability, the QC652x-HP brings you high profits and profitability. 

Application Environment:
  • Electronics manufacturing plant
  • Eemiconductor factory
  • Packaging and testing factory
  • Panel factory
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