Advancode strives to deliver excellence in Service, Products and Logistics to achieve an assured impression and satisfaction for customers.

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    QC51 Series Handheld 2D Barcode Scanner

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    QC655x Series 2D Barcode scanner

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    QC655x Series High-End 2D Barcode scanner

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    QC652x Long Range Laser Barcode Scanner

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    QC655x-MR Long Range 2D Barcode scanner

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    QC652x-HPE ESD Laser Barcode Scanner

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    QC655x-DS ESD Barcode Scanner

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    QC655x-ZRE ESD High end 2D Barcode Scanner


Advancode is a start-up company specializing in the manufacture of various barcode scanners. We strive to develop reliable, high-performance, and high-quality barcode scanning products of all kinds and quickly establish a corporate reputation. Our product line is suitable for providing effective and efficient solutions for a variety of applications, including point of sale (POS), logistics, ticket management, transportation, manufacturing, and healthcare.

The AdvanCode product design team focuses on long-term R&D and innovation, develops excellent products for customers through customization, and provides all necessary technical support and maintenance!


  • In the retail sector, clerks can retrieve product information, e.g., clothing items. Inventory checks can be quickly made at the inquiry of staff and customers. Advancode scanners are built to excel in such environments with regard to performance, toughness, and functionality. Logistically, the checkout time is significantly reduced by scanner use to improve the flow of goods. Inventory management can be time-consuming and error-prone without barcode scanners to assist with such projects through automated data capture. Barcode scanners may also scan a membership card to view or update customer information or loyalty points status. The functionality of barcode readers in retail extends to a range of aspects, including ordering, dispatching, and the eventual delivery of goods themselves.

  • In the food, beverage, and hospitality industry, barcode scanners are an important tool for implementing a rotation system for keeping aware of expired goods. This ensures efficient quality control and can facilitate the removal of such goods. These are two of the most crucial aspects of a well-run restaurant or supermarket. High volumes of ingredients and cooking equipment inventories can be easily managed to prevent carelessness in stock handling. The AdvanCode range will also extend its contribution to the industry by improving logistics in ordering, dispatching, and delivery of foods in a convenient solution.

    Food and Catering
  • Event management and access control applications are often heavily dependent on reliable and responsive barcode systems to ensure the smooth flow and consumer satisfaction that comes to be expected of a well-managed event. When dealing with high volume traffic of people in such environments, an efficiently automated and user-friendly experience is welcome. Advancode barcode scanners are durably and ergonomically tailored to deliver a robust solution to such applications. A wide range of customization options at users' disposal gives the freedom to control the operation to a higher degree. These include improved selectivity in where people can and can’t be permitted access, time stamps, or timed attendance filters.

    Access Control and Event Management
  • Warehousing is a crucial logistical aspect of almost every supply chain in any industry. Goods must be well managed and checked into the warehouse, correctly placed, routinely checked up on, or dispatched to a new site. These processes must be optimally carried out to maximize the business's productivity by cutting costs and saving time. Goods must also not go to waste due to human error or mismanagement. Advancode Bluetooth barcode scanners are well-suited to allow users to scan on the go and carry their devices where work takes them. Extensive battery life is ideal for long logistical tasks without disruption to workflow. Large batched of information on goods can be stored remotely and uploaded to the user's convenience with the push of a button.

  • The healthcare industry adds a new dimension to data capture in terms of the higher standards of cleanliness that have come to be expected of equipment. There is an added responsibility to minimize the spread of germs while delivering intuitive, accurate, and high-performance execution of various tasks within such an environment. There is zero tolerance for human error, and the industry is moving away from storing high volumes of paperwork to digital storage to ensure this. These include patient records or pharmaceutical information that must be routinely accessed and updated. Inventory management of medical supplies and equipment is another facet which goes hand in hand with the logistical advantages offered by the use of barcode scanners.

  • Barcode Scanners aim to improve the flow and efficiency of complex processes. This is how Advancode products ensure all goods are processed and delivered consistently in good time. This is a means to minimize costs and free up manpower. With their help of scanning, goods are checked out, delivery details are recalled, and receipts of goods are confirmed. These logistics ensure the involved parties' satisfaction by keeping track of the entire distribution phase. Ruggedness, reliability, and ergonomic build are essential requirements for handheld devices. They ensure the fulfillment of a long-lasting and satisfying experience in the field and are all key components of our mission. Wireless capabilities allow users more freedom to carry out logistics, encouraging scanning on the go with minimal restrictions.



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